Do Your Feet Get Your Attention Often? (Not in A Good Way!!)
Pain?? Tightness?? Hard to Fit in Shoes??

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Oddly enough, most people forget about their feet until something goes wrong. You may have worn those beautiful shoes to that wedding and now can barely walk.

Perhaps your foot condition came out of nowhere and took you by surprise. Or maybe you have been ignoring your foot issue, thinking it would just go away. Whichever the case may be, I am here to help you!!

I am Kathy Denise Hicks, a Corrective Exercise Specialist and feet are one of my favorite parts of the body to transform. I have had my own foot problems after I had my fifth child. I gained a bit of extra weight and developed plantar fasciitis, that annoying condition that makes it hard to walk when you wake up. I remember tip-toeing around the house when I got out of bed. I began studying anatomy and pursued a career in Personal Training. After experimenting with several exercise modalities I was able to create functional, pain free feet.

Imagine being able to walk the Camino Del Santiago pilgrimage in Spain without pain while walking in carefree manner. I have produced a gift for you to help rebalance, release, and recondition your feet.

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  • Foot Health and Body Health
  • Athlete’s Foot Unmasked
  • Your Feet and Aging
  • Solutions for Bunions
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  • And Much More!!

You will enjoy happier, healthier feet once you dive into this report.

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